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DMS1289 500

DMS1289 500

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Damas DMS 1289 500 of acetate and red color eyeglasses with rectangular/square shape


Temples sizes: 140 mm

Bridge size: 16 mm

Lens size: 52 mm


Indulge in the timeless elegance of the Damas DMS 1458 500 eyeglasses, a perfect blend of past and present. Meticulously crafted from premium havana-colored acetate, these frames artfully reimagine the iconic cat-eye design, tailored for the modern era. Ideal for those with oval, heart, or diamond-shaped faces, their sophisticated silhouette accentuates your features. The rich havana tone adds a depth of character, making these frames versatile for various styles and skin tones. Promising durability and comfort, these acetate frames suit both everyday wear and special occasions. The Damas DMS 1458 500 eyeglasses represent a seamless blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair, an essential addition to any eyewear collection. Embrace this fusion of classic elegance and modern fashion, and elevate your look with these exquisite eyeglasses.

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